Episode 18: Justin Torres on Friendship, Serendipity, & Sweet Soul

Over the years, Justin Torres has brought many, lost Bay Area records back to life, through tracking down the original recordings and their histories. The story he shares with us is definitely rooted in his search for these lost songs, but goes even deeper. It’s about friendship and persistence, and why you should never overlook … Read more

Mike Park of Asian Man Records

For our first video feature we ventured about 40 minutes south of San Francisco to Monte Sereno, where we met up with Mike Park, founder of Asian Man Records. The label got started in 1996, headquartered in his parents garage, where despite putting out some massively successful records with the likes of Alkaline Trio and … Read more

Illustrated Perils of Digging

Artist Stefan Glerum has created a series of illustrations that capture the emotional and social toll that comes with collecting. Cynical, sure, but also accurate. See more at The Vinyl Factory.