Episode 8: A spontaneous serenade from Eric Leckbee

Eric Leckbee’s story about one particular song has been almost 30 years in the making, and now, he wants to share it with you. Earlier this year, he enchanted the Phonographic Memory audience with his first-hand experience of the power a memory of a song can have, no matter how much time and life has … Read more

Promo Only

We’ve got things cooking on all burners here at Phonographic headquarters, really cool things that we’ll be serving up in the weeks to come, and a promo video was instrumental to all of them. With help from our good friend, photographer and videographer Matt Kadi, we set out to not only tell people what we … Read more


The Rise and Fall of Mo’ Wax

A new documentary called Artist and Repertoire highlights the highs of seminal label Mo’Wax, and it’s parallel demise alongside the music industry. The Verge serves up a peek into the film with it’s creators Matt Jones and Brian Hoffman. Good read if you got the time! Check it here. Man, I miss all that Futura … Read more