Roma Recap

On September 22nd we hosted our first event outside of San Francisco, taking the close and cautious route, opting to set up shop in Rome for a night. Taking place at Monk Club, south east of the city center in the San Lorenzo district, we took over a cottage on the sprawling converted farm/ranch plot turned entertainment/bar compound. In a collaborative effort with Italian publishing company Minimum Fax we followed our same format, and brought in five presenters to tell their story. The only English spoken was in reference to the band names and song lyrics, but the relationship and affinity the format was unanimously obvious. Stories, loosely translated to me afterwards, consisted of hearing a song from a movie 15 years later for the first time on vinyl and remembering every part of the scene, relationship suffering, a road trip to Alabama in pursuit of the blues, “When Doves Cry,” and a gentlemen who worked at an Italian pressing plant for 30 years up to plants closing with the advent of CD’s. There were laughs, nodding heads, and lots of smiles afterwards, confirming the universality of what we’re doing.

Big thanks to Marco Serrecchia for the introduction, Daniele and Marica of Minimum Fax for bringing it to life, and Francesco Cerroni of Monk for the creative vision, sound and lighting.

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