Sudwerk Session Wrap Up

Our Sudwerk Session on 10/24/15 was not only our first stateside session outside of San Francisco, but our first evening under the stars. And with beers, it was no lose situation.

You couldn’t have asked for better weather, or a setting really. The good folks at Sudwerk Brewery in Davis, CA opened up their taproom and patio to us, and we ran with it from there. SeeBloom and G-Pek got the turntables warmed up at 4:00, and fueled by .09% IPL’s kept things rocking until the stories started at 6:30. Despite not being familiar with the format four brave souls got up to present. Each one did their thing, and resulted in the most laughs we’ve had at an event (there were lots). The turnout was fantastic, we even had Music Psychology Professor at UCD come out after one of his students told him about us. All in all just an awesome night. Thanks to everyone who participated and came out.

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