Episode 4: Eric Ball’s Family Time Capsule

When Eric Ball contacted us, he mentioned that the particular record he wanted to share probably hadn’t been played in almost 40 years, and definitely not on American soil. We couldn’t wait to hear what was on it, and neither could he.

This story was recorded in front of our live audience at the Bernal Heights Public Library in San Francisco, March 25, 2015.

Host: Corey Bloom
Producer/Sound: Ashleyanne Krigbaum
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Theme Composer: G-Pek


  • Diane Stadler says:

    I was there with your mom that evening and it was so spcial. Fun to see all my fav former stidents. I am so proud of this endeavor you have under taken. Bless you for your vision!

  • Rick Quesada says:

    Great song and an even better story. We were at Eric & Dana’s wedding. I remember seeing the Beatles on the Smothers Brothers Show. Thanks for sharing this memory.

  • Dorothy Clark says:

    This song will never sound the same. Love to you all and especially baby Anika Jude.

  • joy Swank says:

    Beautiful memory, I cried for the young man he was landing in a foreign land surrounded by death and war. He was a hero, as were all these brave young men. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Nancy Ball says:

    I have been sending this along with photos of my newborn granddaughter, Anika Jude Ball, to my friends. The heartfelt messages back have been incredible! Thank you to all who made this possible!!

  • Wayne Lowery says:

    March 9, 2016. I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Long Beach, CA at the Caliornia Park and Recreation Society annual conference in Long Beach. Jim would usually be sitting across from me. We always shared a room when we attended. I’m sorry he’s not here; glad he can’t see me weeping uncontrollably as I listen to Eric’s podcast for the first time

    I’ve known Jim since college. We met in Houston, TX, at a NRPA conference. He was completing his BA at the University of Southern Illinois and soon to be studying at Wisconsin University at Madison. I had just started at Michigan State. We were young park guys, having no idea that we would share a lifetime bond deeper than our love for our chosen career.

    Despite living in different parts of the country our friendship survived; even grew. We each married, had kids, and our families became a family.

    Last week, Jim, you became a grandpa for the first time. Her name is Anika Jude.

  • Nüket Anders says:

    What a lovely tribute to your father and a very special memory to share, Eric. I have always loved that song by the still beloved Beatles. I will think of your podcast whenever I hear it again. Thank you Nancy, for sharing it. Your precious granddaughter Anika Jude will have a story to tell when she grows up.

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