Episode 11: How Equipto turned tough times into ‘Timeless’ music

20 years ago, the San Francisco Public Library opened the doors of their main branch building in downtown San Francisco. To celebrate the anniversary of the opening, we curated a line-up of San Francisco musicians who recorded and released albums in 1996 to speak at our May session, including Ilyich Sato, better known as Equipto.

This past April, he joined his mother and three others (nicknamed the ‘Frisco5’) in staging a hunger strike, demanding accountability from the mayor and police chief in response to recent, racially-biased actions performed by SFPD officers.

In this episode, he shares what life was like in 1996 for him and the other members of Bored Stiff while they were creating their album “Timeless.”

This story was recorded at our live show on May 26, 2016 at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

Host: Corey Bloom
Producer/Sound: Ashleyanne Krigbaum
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