25th Anniversary of Noise Pop/NightLife at the Cal Academy of Sciences

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Noise Pop, we were invited to host a session as part of the NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences series. We set up shop in the Tusher African Hall, sharing the room with some taxidermy creatures and a crew of live penguins. Jackie Sugarlumps, Josette Melchor and Dug Infinite held court, and while unplanned, a theme of firsts emerged: First job in a record store, first record bought upon moving to San Francisco, and the first time cash was exchanged for a beat. Thanks to everyone who came out, and most importantly, the folks at Noise Pop and NightLife who brought us out. Hopefully our first won’t be our last! All photos by Matthew Kadi, and to view the whole album click here.

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