Thank You, Matthew Africa

As mentioned in episode 18 of the podcast, here are five mixes put together by friends of Matthew. Per the site, “Thank You Matthew Africa” is a tribute series by a handful of Matthew’s close friends and biggest fans highlighting music from his extensive collection. Each mix is inspired by Matthew’s impeccable taste and unabashed … Read more

Record Store Day 2017

Record Store Day is upon us, and while it’s become an undisciplined behemoth that reflects the greed of the record industry and brings out the worst in overzealous collectors, we’d be remiss without mentioning it. If you haven’t checked out the list, it’s worth a glance, but set your alarm (or fill up that Paypal … Read more

April Session

We’re back at the Bernal Heights Library on April 26th for another round of records, stories and songs. Everything will get going at 7:00PM, but if you want a good seat, we suggest arriving a little earlier. As always, if you’re interested in presenting, send us a line at

Heartbreaking and Human

This photo by Joseph Eid of Mohammed Mohiedin Anis listening to a record in his Aleppo apartment is making the rounds. No words suffice. Please just read the article.

Levels of Obsession

I think every collector feels some level of obsession. The degrees are evident in the pursuit and curation of one’s collection. Music publicist, Mark Satlof, takes things to a whole other level though. As the owner of over 800 copies of The Velvet Underground and Nico’s debut album, Mark is motivated by something deeply personal. … Read more

Why Record Stores Matter

Jeff Mao, better known as Chairman Mao, wrote a concise and relatable piece entitled, “Why Record Stores Are More Important Than Ever,” for Red Bull that is worth your time. The same way he describes the comfort of flipping through bins, we find comfort in hearing people’s stories and experiences of digging in said bins. … Read more

March Session

We’re back to burn at the Bernal Heights Library on March 29th. Stories and songs start at 7:00PM. If you’re interested in presenting, shoot us a line at

February 2017 Session

Two events in one month! Staying true to our last Wednesday of every month schedule, we’ll be back at the Bernal Heights Library on February 22nd. As always, stories and songs start at 7:00PM. If you’re interested in presenting, send us a line at

Japan’s Audiophile Bars

I visited Japan about six years ago, and stumbled onto a bar in Kyoto that was unlike anything I had ever seen, or experienced. The place was dimly lit, stocked with leather chairs and lined with dark wood. Aside from the booze, behind the bar stood a massive bookshelf filled with records. I assumed they … Read more