November 2016 Session

On November 30th we’ll be hosting our final Phonographic Memory of the year. Our goal of creating a welcoming public space for people to gather, listen to music and be human for a few hours resonates deeper than ever, and we’re more motivated to keep pushing and cultivating. We look forward to seeing and being … Read more

Phonographic Memory on The Finch Files

Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame inductee and KFOG reporter Peter Finch came out to our Two Year Anniversary session last month and talked to the Phonographic posse and a few presenters for his Finch Files podcast. The episode came out great, so if you’ve got some time, click here. Peter enjoyed the program so … Read more

The Earliest Melody

This story isn’t so much about a record (although a version was released on wax, but has since sold out), but more so about the story. In the 1950’s, archaeologists uncovered clay tablets in Syria that contained what they later discovered was music written in cuneiform. The piece, writes Richard Fink in a 1988 Archeologia … Read more

October 2016 Session

Fresh off our insanely successful Two Year Anniversary session, we’re back at it October 26th at the Bernal Heights Library with stories starting at 7:00PM. The lineup is shaping up real nice, and there is still space for one more. If you are interested in presenting shoot us a line at

The Evolution of Physical Music

The Vinyl Factory regularly delivers interesting and insightful content, and this piece is a combination of both. With an interactive timeline starting from 1877 with the advent of the Edison Cylinder, viewers literally trace the evolution of recorded music and the physical formats they were recorded to. Check it out if you have a couple … Read more

A 12 Sided Record?

The folks at Joyful Noise linked up once again with Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover. This release however is truly like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Marketed as a “12 sided record,” the record is more of an art piece than an actual album you’ll get hours of enjoyment listening to. Per the label’s website, “This … Read more

Phonographic Memory: Two Year Anniversary Session

We will be celebrating two years of Phonographic Memory on September 21st. To honor the achievement the Bernal Heights Library has opened up the top floor to us, which not only doubles our capacity, but enhances the experience with it’s beautiful architecture and vaulted ceilings to amplify the acoustics. The presenters will be… Jon Bernson, … Read more

Are You That Sampled Somebody?

There is a good chance you have never asked yourself, “Who is that baby sampled in Aaliyah’s, “Are You That Somebody?’” It’s ok, you’re not alone, but now that the question is out there, why not investigate? We here at Phonographic Memory like a good story, and while this article may be a bit anticlimactic, … Read more

Two Year Anniversary on September 21st

We’ll be taking August off as we’re doing a special session with the SF Library for the Blind, but to make up for the absence we’re going big in September. To mark our second anniversary, we’ll be setting up in the beautiful top floor/main room of the Bernal Heights Library on September 21st. The show … Read more

Disco Destruction Night at Comiskey Park

On July 12th, 1979, with a combustible formula of setting, strong leadership and beer prices, the people of Chicago let their feelings for Disco be known…