March Session

We’re back to burn at the Bernal Heights Library on March 29th. Stories and songs start at 7:00PM. If you’re interested in presenting, shoot us a line at

February 2017 Session

Two events in one month! Staying true to our last Wednesday of every month schedule, we’ll be back at the Bernal Heights Library on February 22nd. As always, stories and songs start at 7:00PM. If you’re interested in presenting, send us a line at

Japan’s Audiophile Bars

I visited Japan about six years ago, and stumbled onto a bar in Kyoto that was unlike anything I had ever seen, or experienced. The place was dimly lit, stocked with leather chairs and lined with dark wood. Aside from the booze, behind the bar stood a massive bookshelf filled with records. I assumed they … Read more

January 2017 Session

We took a month long hiatus for the holidays, but are back at like you’re addictive vinyl habit. Catch us January 25th at the Bernal Heights Library. Stories and songs start at 7:00PM. As always, our events are free to the public and open to anyone and everyone. *If you’re interested in presenting, send us … Read more

November 2016 Session

2016 was rough on so many fronts, but on the micro Phonographic Memory level, we did more than maintain and pushed the program to new levels. We closed the year out with a great night of stories and a wide range of tunes. Thanks to everyone who came out, and supported us throughout the year. … Read more

How We’ve Been Coping…

… Lots of Spiritual Jazz. And by lots, we mean this four part 12 hour collection of songs that were expertly curated and pieced together beautifully.

November 2016 Session

On November 30th we’ll be hosting our final Phonographic Memory of the year. Our goal of creating a welcoming public space for people to gather, listen to music and be human for a few hours resonates deeper than ever, and we’re more motivated to keep pushing and cultivating. We look forward to seeing and being … Read more

Phonographic Memory on The Finch Files

Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame inductee and KFOG reporter Peter Finch came out to our Two Year Anniversary session last month and talked to the Phonographic posse and a few presenters for his Finch Files podcast. The episode came out great, so if you’ve got some time, click here. Peter enjoyed the program so … Read more

The Earliest Melody

This story isn’t so much about a record (although a version was released on wax, but has since sold out), but more so about the story. In the 1950’s, archaeologists uncovered clay tablets in Syria that contained what they later discovered was music written in cuneiform. The piece, writes Richard Fink in a 1988 Archeologia … Read more