Episode 7: Casey Fay’s Late Night Haul

This story is a combination of a lot of elements: late night drinking, bike riding in the rain, a reliable taxi, a scorned ex-lover, and impeccable timing. Casey Fay is an Oakland-based painter, animator, illustrator, and children’s book author. The tale he shares recalls to us an old crate digger’s proverb: “Sometimes you find the records, … Read more

Episode 6: DJ lessons learned by Ashleyanne Krigbaum

Ashleyanne Krigbaum has been DJing records and producing public radio around the Bay Area for over eight years. She’s made some mistakes during that time, and she shared with us the one that still sticks out to her the most. This story was recorded in front of our live audience at the Bernal Heights Public Library … Read more

Episode 5: Max Sidman on Bud on Bach

Max Sidman is the kind of friend who you can call up and say, “I have this crazy idea,” and without hesitation, they’re down. He’s also a music aficionado all the way through, and currently works for a musical instrument manufacturer here in the Bay Area. In this episode, Max shares a record and a story … Read more

Episode 4: Eric Ball’s Family Time Capsule

When Eric Ball contacted us, he mentioned that the particular record he wanted to share probably hadn’t been played in almost 40 years, and definitely not on American soil. We couldn’t wait to hear what was on it, and neither could he. This story was recorded in front of our live audience at the Bernal … Read more

Episode 3: Winston Smith shares his box of TNT

Artist Winston Smith joins us on the Phonographic Memory stage to share a few selections from his record collection, including albums he designed the cover art for, like Green Day’s “Insomniac” (1995). You’ll also hear stories about a cat-loathing Jello Biafra and how Winston made Green Day pick up his pizza tab. He also shares his observations … Read more

Episode 2: Lia Wesp, Ghost Detective

In this episode, a young, ghost investigator decodes a message, goes to an address, and gets a random record for a dollar. Fittingly, this story was recorded on October 28th, 2015 at the Bernal Heights Library in San Francisco, just days away from Halloween. Today’s storyteller is Fashion Designer Lia Wesp. Host: Corey Bloom Producer/Sound: … Read more

Episode 1: All Aboard the Soul Train with Todd Inoue

The first story we want to pull down from the shelf for you was recorded at our live event in April 2015 at the Bernal Heights Library in San Francisco. Todd Inoue has been a music journalist for many years, writing for publications like VIBE Magazine, Tower Records’ Pulse! Magazine, The San Jose Mercury, and … Read more

Our Official Podcast Is Here!

Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher. This podcast has been a long time in the making! Our original plan was to post the full audio from our live events and use that as the ‘podcast,’ but we realized quickly that it is tough to listen to over an hour of something that is tailored for … Read more