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June 2016 Session

We’ll be back at the Bernal Heights Library for our June session. If you are interested in presenting, shoot us a line at Register@PhonographicMemory.org.

April 2016 Session

April 27th, 7:00 PM at the Bernal Heights Library. To register, send an email to Register@PhonographicMemory.org.

March 2016 Session

March 30th at the Bernal Heights Public Library. To register, send an email to Register@PhonographicMemory.org.

February Session

We’re back at the Bernal Heights Library on February 24th. Stories start at 7:00pm. At the moment we have a full lineup of presenters, but things can change. If you’re interested in presenting at any point, shoot us an email at Register@PhonographicMemory.org for more information.

January 2015 Session

If 2015 was the year we built a foundation, 2016 is the year we develop and expand Phonographic Memory. Our first event of the year is a testament to that moto, as we have been summoned by the directors at the Main Branch Library in downtown San Francisco. We’ll be setting up shop for a … Read more

December 2015 Session

2015 has treated us well! Join us for the last session of the year, starting at 7:00PM at the Bernal Heights Library.

October 2015 Edition

As a die hard Giants fan I was faced with a decision last October: Cancel what would have been our second event to watch Game 7 of the World Series, or stay committed and rely on getting scores via phone. The decision stung a bit, but it wasn’t hard. The show went on, the Giants … Read more

Round 12: 9/30

It’s been one year since we kicked things off, and what a year it’s been! No two stories have been the same, and so many genres have been represented by our eclectic cast of presenters. I think everyone who has attended an event would attest to not only learning something new, but meeting someone they … Read more

Roma: Monk Club on 9/22

In collaboration with the publishing company Minimum Fax we are making our international debut. In Pigneto, a neighborhood south east of the center of Rome, we will plant our flag at Monk Club on September 22nd. The venue is amazing, an abandoned farm converted into an outdoor bar/theater, that hosts music (Kamasai Washington on November … Read more