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How We’ve Been Coping…

… Lots of Spiritual Jazz. And by lots, we mean this four part 12 hour collection of songs that were expertly curated and pieced together beautifully.

1960’s Jazz Archive From London Club

GearBox Records does it all the way right. Not only do they put out great music, but they have their own analog vinyl cutting gear, which is no light possession. Another compliment, they purchased a collection of recordings from Les Tompkins, who worked at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London throughout the 60’s. The archive … Read more

Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock Pen Open Letter

Living legends Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock recently penned an open letter for Nest HQ. The letter was written for the next generation of artists, but the wisdom within isn’t narrow in reach. Reading through it, there was so much I related to as I reflected back on Phonographic Memory, from what our goals were … Read more