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Japan’s Audiophile Bars

I visited Japan about six years ago, and stumbled onto a bar in Kyoto that was unlike anything I had ever seen, or experienced. The place was dimly lit, stocked with leather chairs and lined with dark wood. Aside from the booze, behind the bar stood a massive bookshelf filled with records. I assumed they … Read more

When All You Can Do Is Look

Being on the move with no turntable, the best I can do right now is just stare at these records. There are high levels of anticipation to play them loudly, and heavy doses of lucid nostalgia that come with their acquisition. Two months ago in Istanbul, I met up with my friend Haluk in a … Read more

Paving The Way At Purple Haze

Last July, months before our first live event, I made a trek out to Athens. I thought it was going to be a roam the city and see some ruins kind of trip, and while that was true to an extent, it was the record stores that had a lasting impression. Purple Haze Records played … Read more