Episode 3: Winston Smith shares his box of TNT

Artist Winston Smith joins us on the Phonographic Memory stage to share a few selections from his record collection, including albums he designed the cover art for, like Green Day’s “Insomniac” (1995). You’ll also hear stories about a cat-loathing Jello Biafra and how Winston made Green Day pick up his pizza tab. He also shares his observations on The Dead Kennedys’ “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” (1980) and Tumor Circus’ self-titled release (1991).

This interview was recorded on June 30, 2015 at The Knockout in San Francisco as part of a fundraising event for Phonographic Memory. A big, hearty “thank you” everyone who attended the event, the staff of The Knockout, and all who donated to our 2015 fundraising campaign!

Host: Corey Bloom
Producer/Sound: Ashleyanne Krigbaum
Logo Design: Stephanie Ornelas
Theme Composer: G-Pek

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