Episode 7: Casey Fay’s Late Night Haul

This story is a combination of a lot of elements: late night drinking, bike riding in the rain, a reliable taxi, a scorned ex-lover, and impeccable timing. Casey Fay is an Oakland-based painter, animator, illustrator, and children’s book author. The tale he shares recalls to us an old crate digger’s proverb: “Sometimes you find the records, and sometimes the records find you.”

Casey shared his story at our live show on April 29, 2015 at the Bernal Heights Public Library in San Francisco.

Host: Corey Bloom
Producer/Sound: Ashleyanne Krigbaum
Logo Design: Stephanie Ornelas
Theme Composer: G-Pek


  • jen b says:

    That is a gem of an Oakland story. and Fay is an Oakland fixture.

  • Courtney Supple says:

    I remember the night fondly. We were like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning, only we were all drunk and Santa exclusively brought vinyl. It was glorious. I still have the records that Fay let me keep in exchange for storing the haul in my apartment that night 🙂

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