Bernal Park Jam: One Year Retrospective

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Phongraphic Park Jam in San Francisco. After living in the city for over ten years, and growing up in its reach and under its influence, it was tough to pack up head out east. I wanted this event to reflect all the positive elements that, in my opinion, kept the city’s soul in tact. The event was outside at the Bernal Heights Recreation Center and was co-sponsored by the Bernal Heights Public Library. It was free, family friendly and open to all. We had vendors selling records, tapes and zines. Two of my favorite SF DJ’s, DJ B-Cause and DJ Marz, provided the music for the afternoon. Amy Farah Weiss and the Saint Francis Challenge brought out their model unit, and Amy gave a speech on the importance of sustainable solutions to the homeless issue in San Francisco. For the presenters, I tried to curate a lineup of artists and activists, each with a different connection to the Bay Area music scene. And lastly, we had a taco truck come out and keep everyone fed. I try not to dwell on past successes, but this was a special one on so many levels. I’ve expressed the growing pangs of moving and finding ways to keep Phonographic afloat, so I won’t go down that road, but reflecting back on the event today is giving me some much needed motivation. Love ya’ll.

Photos by Matthew Kadi

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