Episode 18: Justin Torres on Friendship, Serendipity, & Sweet Soul

Over the years, Justin Torres has brought many, lost Bay Area records back to life, through tracking down the original recordings and their histories. The story he shares with us is definitely rooted in his search for these lost songs, but goes even deeper. It’s about friendship and persistence, and why you should never overlook … Read more

Episode 17: How friendship & heartbreak shapes Josette Melchor’s record collection

https://www.medi-cion.com/2022/05/31/imallk1 Josette Melchor shares a word of warning to those of us who combine our records with our housemates’ and reminds us how our personal relationships can permanently affect our record collections. This story was recorded at Noise Pop‘s Nightlife event on February 9, 2017 at the California Academy of Sciences. Host/Producer: Ashleyanne Krigbaum Photo: Matt … Read more

Episode 15: Fixing buildings & producing albums with Dug Infinite

https://customercarecentres.com/u0lff2pv4 How do you balance restoring an abandoned building with creating an album from the ground up? You get your A&R to chip in on fixing the plumbing. Dug Infinite shares the story behind making the album “Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album)” which he co-produced with No I.D. in 1997. Dug’s story … Read more


Episode 13: A Record Store Oasis in Istanbul

While trying to forget a nightmarish encounter with his rental apartment in Istanbul, Corey stumbles upon a vinyl oasis and has a chance meeting with a long-time crate digger: Haluk Damar. In this episode, Haluk introduces us to a record (“Kime Ne” by iNSANLAR) that traces Turkey’s rich musical history, from Anatolian times, through several … Read more

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Episode 11: How Equipto turned tough times into ‘Timeless’ music

https://childrenssurgeryintl.org/964w4at9jv 20 years ago, the San Francisco Public Library opened the doors of their main branch building in downtown San Francisco. To celebrate the anniversary of the opening, we curated a line-up of San Francisco musicians who recorded and released albums in 1996 to speak at our May session, including Ilyich Sato, better known as Equipto. … Read more