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Episode 16: Will Georgantas & the Mysterious “Sha-duh-sha”

Will Georgantas shares how getting to know a neighbor led not only to a friendship, but to an album he couldn’t have anticipated.   This story was recorded at our live show on February 24, 2016 at the Bernal Heights branch of the San Francisco Public Library. Host: Corey Bloom Producer/Sound Engineer: Ashleyanne Krigbaum Logo … Read more

Phonographic Memory on The Finch Files

Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame inductee and KFOG reporter Peter Finch came out to our Two Year Anniversary session last month and talked to the Phonographic posse and a few presenters for his Finch Files podcast. The episode came out great, so if you’ve got some time, click here. Peter enjoyed the program so … Read more

Episode 9: When a door to Narnia opened for Sami Fink

Just as everyone remembers their first kiss, vinyl junkies remember their first record. Today’s presenter, Sami Fink, shares her own experience with her first record, and the rite of passage she associates with it. This story was recorded at our live show on March 30, 2016 at the Bernal Heights branch of the San Francisco Public … Read more

Credit: Matthew Kadi

Episode 3: Winston Smith shares his box of TNT

Artist Winston Smith joins us on the Phonographic Memory stage to share a few selections from his record collection, including albums he designed the cover art for, like Green Day’s “Insomniac” (1995). You’ll also hear stories about a cat-loathing Jello Biafra and how Winston made Green Day pick up his pizza tab. He also shares his observations … Read more

Episode 2: Lia Wesp, Ghost Detective

In this episode, a young, ghost investigator decodes a message, goes to an address, and gets a random record for a dollar. Fittingly, this story was recorded on October 28th, 2015 at the Bernal Heights Library in San Francisco, just days away from Halloween. Today’s storyteller is Fashion Designer Lia Wesp. Host: Corey Bloom Producer/Sound: … Read more

Episode 1: All Aboard the Soul Train with Todd Inoue

The first story we want to pull down from the shelf for you was recorded at our live event in April 2015 at the Bernal Heights Library in San Francisco. Todd Inoue has been a music journalist for many years, writing for publications like VIBE Magazine, Tower Records’ Pulse! Magazine, The San Jose Mercury, and … Read more

Our Official Podcast Is Here!

Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher. This podcast has been a long time in the making! Our original plan was to post the full audio from our live events and use that as the ‘podcast,’ but we realized quickly that it is tough to listen to over an hour of something that is tailored for … Read more

Phonographic Memory Podcast: Test Pressing

Get ready, because Phonographic Memory’s podcast is heading to your earbuds very soon. Take a listen to a short preview of the stories and music to come, and be sure to subscribe now on iTunes, Stitcher, or another podcatcher of your choice. Don’t miss out on our first, full-length episode, premiering on January 20th! Host: … Read more