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Heartbreaking and Human

This photo by Joseph Eid of Mohammed Mohiedin Anis listening to a record in his Aleppo apartment is making the rounds. No words suffice. Please just read the article.

Phonographic Memory Podcast: Test Pressing

Get ready, because Phonographic Memory’s podcast is heading to your earbuds very soon. Take a listen to a short preview of the stories and music to come, and be sure to subscribe now on iTunes, Stitcher, or another podcatcher of your choice. Don’t miss out on our first, full-length episode, premiering on January 20th! Host: … Read more

When All You Can Do Is Look

Being on the move with no turntable, the best I can do right now is just stare at these records. There are high levels of anticipation to play them loudly, and heavy doses of lucid nostalgia that come with their acquisition. Two months ago in Istanbul, I met up with my friend Haluk in a … Read more